File Yourself

Want to represent yourself but need help in doing it right?

Appalachian Law Center can assist you with the process of selecting and completing the correct documents and filings you’ll need in order to resolve your matter through a local court of law. While our attorneys will not represent you or your matter in court, they can assist you in representing yourself.

File-it-Yourself Services are provided by appointment only.

Available Services Include:

  • F-I-Y Uncontested Divorce, From $300*
  • F-I-Y Child Custody, From $350*
  • F-I-Y Child Support, From $300*
  • Emergency Custody, From¬† $350*
  • Motion to Show Cause, From $150
  • Modification of Existing Order, From $150
  • Answer & Counterclaim, From $300

*– does NOT include court filing